From fluctus‎ ("wave").

  1. I surge, swell, undulate
  2. I fluctuate, vacillate
  3. I am restless

Enter Fluctuo

Fluctuo is curated from Non-Fungible tokens that are owned on the Ethereum Blockchain. Visitors can explore the gallery in Somnium Web (3D) or via Collectorshub (2D) in seconds. Former even works on tablets, phones and mobile hmds.

You can also visit the gallery in Virtual Reality on Somnium Space parcel #1642.

Tokenized Art Explained

Since 2018 artists are tokenizing digital files as non-fungible datasets on the Ethereum Blockchain. The supply and the entire ownership history of these assets are immutably stored on the decentralized ledger. You've probably just explored a tokenized art gallery via Collectorshub which is a dApp for collectors to showcase inventories.

Various web3 projects already enable artists to issue and sell tokenized art. Some artists issue their NFTs on custom smart contracts but most of the tokens in this gallery were issued on the popular blockchain projects listed below. We keep track of Fluctuo in this spreadsheet. Feel free to explore and signal interest via the comment function.

  • Superrare

  • Known Origin

  • Makersplace

  • Mintbase

  • Cargo

  • Rarible

Curation Process

All art in Fluctuo is hand-picked by the digital identity Nature. She curates the gallery from the tokenized art collection of Reneil who has been an early pioneer within the NFT space. Fluctuo contains 33 artworks by 33 artists.

Follow Nature on Twitter and tag her to showcase your art. You can also connect on Instagram where she shares her metaverse journeys.